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Police Launch Website in Effort to Catch Suspect in July 2000 Slaying

OTTAWA (CP) -- More than three years after the brutal murder of an 81-year-old woman, provincial police have launched a website hoping to catch her killer.

The severely beaten body of Violet Graves was discovered on July 30, 2000, in her basement apartment in nearby Hawkesbury, Ont.

Since her murder, police have conducted 130 interviews and canvassed more than 500 people. Sixty-five tips have been received from the public and investigated, but no substantial clues have turned up to lead detectives to her killer.

Provincial police hope the website, www.violetgraves.ca, will help potential witnesses remember information that could be crucial to solving the case.

Through the site, which is the first of its kind for the provincial police, visitors will be able to pass on information using an online tip sheet that will go directly to the investigators.

A $25,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the capture of the killer.

Graves, who lived alone, was last seen alive sleeping in her living room chair on the evening of July 29, 2000. Sometime overnight, police suspect her murderer broke in through a ground level bathroom window before beating her to death.

DNA evidence was collected from cigarette butts left outside the window which police have compared with samples from potential suspects but have not found a match.

A profile by the provincial police behavioural sciences unit suggests the suspect is a white male between 20 and 30 years old who is familiar with the Hawkesbury area and likely had an argument with a friend or relative or a similar trigger prior to the murder. He likely has few friends and works at a low-paying labour job, if at all.

It is believed the killer has committed other incidents of violence against women and has the potential to kill again. (Ottawa Sun)

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