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2 Milwaukee Police Officers Arrested

WISN 12 News learned late Thursday afternoon that two Milwaukee police officers were arrested and accused of beating a shoplifting suspect. The investigation has been ongoing for three months now, but the officers were charged just last week.

One of them is accused of beating up a suspect they had just arrested for shoplifting. Both are accused of lying about it.

A criminal complaint obtained by 12 News provided detail of what allegedly happened on the night of Sept. 14.

Police officers Charlie Jones Jr., 28, and Vanessa Brockdorf, 23, picked up a shoplifting suspect at a Kohl's department store on the south side of Milwaukee.

The suspect was apparently a bit unruly. The complaint said the two left the Kohl's parking lot with the suspect in the back seat of the squad car. The prosecutor charging the case explained what allegedly happened next.

"The two then went to, while the prisoner was in back seat, went to a Noodles restaurant so that one of them could get dinner. While she was gone, the prisoner became unruly. The other officer, in the view of a number of witnesses, took him out of the squad car and beat him," Milwaukee County Deputy District Attorney Jon Reddin said.

That suspect had cuts and bruises on his face. He's still in custody on shoplifting charges. Both officers have been released from custody. They've already made initial appearances. WISN 12 News has made calls to the Milwaukee Police Department. It will not comment on the case.

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