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Two Suburban Chicago Officers Charged With Stickup

Two suburban police officers were arrested after they allegedly pretended to be Chicago cops. They reportedly stole hundreds of dollars from several victims on Christmas night.

Two men say they were robbed at gunpoint and then were forced to sit along a curb. They say the suspects acted like Chicago police officers.

The two were identified Saturday as Harvey Deputy Marshal Kevin Jones and Ford Heights police officer Michael Miller. Jones is being held on $90,000 bond and Miller is being held on $100,000. A third man, Johnnie Page of Chicago, is being held on $250,000 bond because he is a convicted felon.

The suspects were convincing.

"They portrayed themselves like real police officers with real police guns and they did the same procedures like real police would do," said Marquis Matthews, robbery victim.

"They started saying what's your social security number. When I did ask for a badge he said, 'OK, you want a badge? You want a badge? You'll be eating bologna sandwiches in jail tonight if you want a badge. You're going to jail on Christmas! You're going to jail!'" said Antoine Hotchkiss, robbery victim.

Chicago police say Jones, Miller and two others had been working security Christmas night at a nightclub that was forced to close early. When they were not paid, they allegedly decided to do a stickup instead, and took money from men they believed to be street side drug dealers. Chicago police say the suspects had $1,800 in cash, a police badge, handcuffs and a fully loaded gun.

Since his arrest, Harvey police say they have kicked Kevin Jones off the job.

The Harvey Police Department has been awash in controversy in recent months. While Mayor Eric Kellogg has launched high profile initiatives to crack down on crime in the impoverished south suburb, he has also come under fire because he has been hiring or promoting police officers with questionable records.

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