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Florida Murder Suspect Accused Of Killing Officer in England

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- A man wanted on charges of arranging a Lee County murder nearly eight years ago was arrested Wednesday in England for allegedly killing a constable, authorities said.

David Bieber, who disappeared in 1995 after the Lee County sheriff issued a warrant for conspiracy to commit murder, had been working as a doorman in West Yorkshire under the name of Nathan Wayne Coleman, Lee County sheriff's deputy Larry King said.

Police in northern England arrested Coleman, suspected of killing Constable Ian Broadhurst and seriously injuring another officer after they tried to handcuff him Friday during a traffic stop, King said.

Police and FBI officials linked the two homicides through fingerprints a day before the arrest, he said.

In Florida, Bieber is accused of paying two men $1,000 to kill Markus Mueller, a fellow personal trainer and bodybuilder, as he answered the door of his Bonita Springs home in February 1995.

King said the motive was a love triangle between Bieber, his wife, Danielle, and Mueller, Danielle's former boyfriend. Mueller was shot four days after the Biebers had married.

The hit man, David Paul Snipes of North Fort Myers, is serving life in prison. A go-between who arranged the killing, John Saladino, was allowed to plead guilty to second-degree murder and received a 15-year prison sentence to be followed by 10 years on probation.

Bieber had been featured five times on the "America's Most Wanted" television show, most recently in June. Each airing brought in countless reports of sightings, but Bieber remained elusive.

"At times, we felt we were just on his heels," King said.

Bieber, using the Coleman alias, had apparently obtained a driver's license and passport in 1996 in Charleston, S.C. He indicated his intention to travel to France but wound up in England, King said.

Broadhurst was fatally shot after he and fellow officer Neil Roper placed a man in the back seat of their squad car while they ran a check on a strangely parked BMW.

When the car came up stolen, one officer opened the back door to handcuff the man. The man drew a handgun and shot each policeman several times, fatally wounding Broadhurst and seriously injuring Roper.

Audio tapes from the car showed the suspect had a North American accent, and Coleman's name emerged after officers raided an apartment close to the abandoned getaway car.

It was not immediately known when Bieber could be returned to the United States, or whether he will be tried first in England, King said.

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