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Calif. Police Request Clues, Assistance in Bank Robberies

Riverside, Calif. police ask that you keep an eye out for two bank suspects and for similar cases to two robberies in Southern California and in Texas.

In both robberies, the victims were armored truck company guards (Brinks and Loomis). The guard in Riverside was shot and killed during the robbery.

The suspect used pepper spray on the guard in Dallas. Both robberies have striking similarities, and are possibly related.

The suspect or suspects in both robberies was wearing a wig and appeared to walk bowlegged. The Dallas robbery occurred on Dec. 8. The Southern California robbery - homicide was on Jan. 8. At this point, police have no information leading them to believe that the suspect is from either Dallas or Riverside.

Riverside Police request that you forward them to all appropriate contacts you may have, in law enforcement or the public. If this suspect is recognized, or if your agency has information on a similar robbery, please contact:

Special Agent Howell, FBI Dallas
(972) 559-5000

Detective Rick Cobb
Riverside Police Department
(909) 320-8034
(909) 787-7911

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