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Canadian Testimony Details 'Mob' Sting Against Operation by RCMP

MEETINGS with a bogus mob boss, fake money laundering and other undercover operations led to arrests in the slaying of three family members in Seattle suburb.

By Sara Jean Green, The Seattle Times


For the past four months, the state's case against Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns has largely focused on the Bellevue police investigation into the 1994 triple murder of Rafay's parents and sister and the physical evidence left behind at the Rafays' Bellevue home.

Now, the aggravated-first-degree murder trial is moving into its second — and perhaps more crucial — phase with testimony from members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), who used wiretaps and elaborate scenarios during an undercover operation that ultimately led to the arrests of Rafay and Burns in July 1995.

Flashy cars, plush hotels, cash and guns were among the props the RCMP used to convince Burns, Rafay and their friend Jimmy Miyoshi that they were dealing with violent mobsters, not undercover cops.

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