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"Forced crime" surfaces again; A reminder to remain dedicated to tactical vigilance

Erie, Penn., Denver, and now in San Antonio, Texas; the phenomenon of people claiming to have been forced to participate in serious crimes continues and the need for you to be prepared to safely handle alleged "forced crime in progress" situations remains.

In the PoliceOne newsletter report posted on Oct. 20, 2003 we reminded you to remain tactically vigilant in the face of claims that the criminal you are confronting is an unwilling participant who needs your help. With that again in mind, we offer the following:

Texas Woman Says She Was Forced to Rob Bank

San Antonio, Texas (AP) -- A San Antonio woman remained in police custody Tuesday while authorities investigated her bizarre account that a man forced her to rob a bank.

The woman, whose identity has not been released, reported that an armed man confronted her Monday as she left her house with her 3-year-old son, said San Antonio police spokesman Sgt. Gabe Trevino.

She said the gunman forced her to rob a Bank of America in San Antonio while he held her son hostage in their car.

Bank employees said the woman walked in, presented a note threatening a teller with a bomb, then left with an undisclosed amount of cash, Trevino said.

Then she got back in the car and drove two blocks, where the man got out of the car, went into another waiting car with another person, and they left, Trevino said.

The woman then called police.

Mother and child were not hurt, but the woman faces robbery charges unless another suspect is found to corroborate her story, police said.

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