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Ariz. Murder Suspect To Be Featured on Fugitive Deck of Cards

America's Most Wanted

Scottsdale fugitive Robert Fisher is the king of hearts on the playing cards from "America's Most Wanted."

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- Robert Fisher has long been Scottsdale's chief fugitive, wanted for three years in the throat-slitting murders of his wife and children.

Now America's Most Wanted has crowned him the King of Hearts in a card deck modeled after the popular Iraq "Most Wanted" cards.

Fisher, 43, is also on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list and evaded authorities on a manhunt in Arizona's north woods shortly after the killings in April 2001.

As recently as February, authorities thought they found Fisher in Canada, but the man turned out to be a lookalike who was ruled out through dental records and fingerprints. Investigators continue to pursue leads in the case.

Producers at the television program, which has featured Fisher numerous times, teamed with Faceprint Global Solutions to create the deck of cards, which will be released in stores in September.

Faceprint executives had long conversations with America's Most Wanted producers about who should be at the top of their fugitive heap.

"Who are the ones who give you a hard time and you want so much to catch?" said Sylvie Traub, vice president of marketing for Faceprint. "They're all very bad criminals, but this one was very terrible."

Producers wanted the cards to be an extension of the show.

"When there's a criminal on the run, they don't walk in front of a police officer," Traub said. "They live in society."

The deck is available now online at www.amwcards.com and about 25,000 decks have been sold, she said.

The ace of spades, the position that Saddam Hussein occupied in the Iraqi deck, carries the image of James Joseph "Whitey" Bulger, who is charged with running a Boston-area gang and is linked to 18 murders.

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