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Baltimore Police Offer $30,000 Reward For Suspected Cop Killer

BALTIMORE (AP) -- Baltimore police offered a $30,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a man wanted in the ambush killing of an officer, Police Commissioner Kevin Clark announced Monday night.

Police are exploring the possibility that the suspect, Charles Bennett, has fled the city, possibly to Washington or its suburbs, but they believe he may still be in Baltimore more than 48 hours after the fatal shooting of Officer Brian Winder.

"You have a suspect who knows the city well, has an extensive arrest record, so he's a professional criminal," Clark said. ``He runs in a crowd of professional criminals, so he's using every resource in an attempt to stay a step ahead of us."

Mayor Martin O'Malley and the City Council put up $20,000 of the reward money offered for the second suspect. The local Fraternal Order of Police added $10,000, Clark said.

"I have no doubt that Charles Bennett will be arrested," the commissioner said.

Another suspect, Jermaine Gaines, 31, was denied bail in Baltimore District Court Tuesday. Gaines was charged Sunday with first-degree murder. Clark declined on Monday to say which of the two suspects is believed to have pulled the trigger.

Defense attorney Christopher Smith had asked for $250,000 bail, arguing that the 31-year-old suspect does not have a record of past violence and is cooperating with the police.

But Judge Jeannie Hong rejected that request because of the serious nature of the case, Gaines' alleged admission that he was involved in the shooting, and his four past convictions - mostly on drug charges.

Bennett, 33, has been arrested 13 times since 1987 for handgun and narcotics crimes. Police intend to charge him with first-degree murder.

Winder, 36, had received at least three commendations with the department. He was married with three children.

According to police, Gaines and Bennett ambushed Winder inside a liquor store Saturday night after the officer approached them seeking identification in connection with a 911 call.

Bennett was believed to be armed, police said earlier.

Winder, a 10-year veteran, was attacked shortly after responding to a 911 call Saturday night in Baltimore. The caller had asked authorities to remove someone from the person's residence, police said.

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