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Federal Agents Raided Seattle Man's Home Before Galls

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) -- Federal agents seized credit card statements and bank records from a Seattle man's house a week before raiding a Lexington company that supplies military and police equipment worldwide.

The man, Yuri Montgomery, was named in an affidavit federal agents used to obtain a search warrant to raid Galls Inc. on July 21.

The affidavit said Galls exported items to an address in Macedonia that were paid for using Montgomery's personal credit card. It said Montgomery had his export privileges denied by a federal court. A search warrant said Galls routinely failed to obtain proper export licenses before sending goods overseas, but no charges have been filed against the Aramark subsidiary.

Montgomery told the Lexington Herald-Leader that he was "never, ever" told he was on the federal Denied Persons List.

Montgomery pleaded guilty in 1998 to violating federal export controls by exporting laser rifle sights, ballistic helmets, optical sights, handcuffs and stun guns to Macedonia and Slovenia. He served three years probation and agreed to leave the export business. He now works as a consultant to a shipbuilding company.

Montgomery said he let his nephew use his credit card to charge the orders. Montgomery said if he had wanted to conceal the orders, he simply could have paid cash.

"It was all legitimate," Montgomery said.

Montgomery, 53, is a native of Macedonia who is a U.S. citizen. His nephew runs Micei Fortend, a company that has been accused of providing police and military equipment to the government of Macedonia, for later shipment to Serbia.

Montgomery said he is not familiar with Galls.

"I don't even know what their goods look like," he said.

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