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Miss. Police Search For Killer, Put Murder Suspect in National Database

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (AP) -- Law enforcement officials in Jackson County are expanding their search for a man suspected of killing his stepdaughter.

Robyn Weatherford, 15, was discovered by her mother Rose Downing murdered in a shed next to her home in August. She had suffered multiple blows to the upper body.

Police are looking for Sean Downing, 33, who became missing around the same time Weatherford was killed.

Ocean Springs Detective Capt. Ray Akins said Downing was stopped by New Orleans police the day after Weatherford was killed, but was let go because no one knew Weatherford was dead or that he was wanted for questioning.

Akins said Downing's name has been put into a national database and officials are considering giving the search more exposure nationally, in hopes that the public might be able to help.

"We are almost 100 percent positive he's not in Ocean Springs," Akins said.

He said the Mississippi State Crime Lab is still processing items taken from the house. Officers from the Jackson County Narcotics Task Force are helping with the investigation.

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