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Boston Police Commander Says He Didn't Fire Fatal Shot

BOSTON (AP) - The police commander in charge of crowd control the night an Emerson College student was killed during raucous Red Sox celebrations fired four rounds from a pepper-spray pellet gun, but did not fire the fatal round that struck her in the eye, his lawyer said.

Deputy Superintendent Robert O'Toole fired the weapon at out-of-control fans who were climbing on the rafters of Fenway Park's famed Green Monster and a sign at the Cask 'n' Flagon, a popular bar near the ballpark, said his attorney, Timothy Burke.

The rounds fired by O'Toole did not strike anyone in the head, including Victoria Snelgrove, 21, of East Bridgewater, who died hours after being hit in the eye socket with a pellet fired by police on Lansdowne Street.

"No one was aimed at or shot at in the face," Burke told The Associated Press.

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