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Boston Police Bust ID Theft Ring

BOSTON (AP) - Police acting on a tip arrested a Brighton man who allegedly stole the identifications of hundreds of people, and used his apartment as identity fraud workshop to generate stacks of fake driver's licenses and credit cards.

Police arrested Andrew Schwamkoff, 28, on Friday and seized some $200,000 worth of equipment, cash, fake documents and credit cards, as well as stolen merchandise, Boston police announced on Saturday.

The sting came about because a woman told police that someone tried to use her credit card to buy goods and ship them to a Mail Boxes Etc. on Newbury Street, police said.

On Friday, police staked out the store and watched a man arrive, claim packages and give money to Schwamkoff. Police then stopped Schwamkoff outside of his Brighton apartment.

Inside, they found boxes full of laptop computers, expensive clothes, cameras and other electronic equipment, as well as fake licenses, blank credit cards, counterfeiting equipment, and about thousands of dollars in cash. Schwamkoff has allegedly stolen the identity of more than 200 people, according to police.

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