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Texas 'Takeover Bandit' Suspect Seemed Surprised By Seriousness of The Charges

WFAA-TV Dallas

Authorities are hoping one of the suspected Takeover Bandits, now in custody, will lead them to the others.

The men, known for their violent, aggressive approach, are wanted for a chain of violent bank robberies which began two years ago.

Over the weekend one of the suspects, 31-year-old Guadalupe Fajardo, turned himself in to authorities in the Lubbock County town of Slayton.

Fajardo seemed surprised when he heard the charges against him.

"He acted as though he knew the police were looking for him, but he really didn't know how serious the matter was until he was confronted with the information on the warrant," said Slayton Police spokesperson Tad Ellis.

FBI officials said Fajardo is one of three robbers who pulled off a heist at the American First National Bank in Richardson last Thursday. They shot their way out, hitting five police cars and injuring one police officer. Fajardo now faces two charges of attempted capital murder and one charge of aggravated robbery. He was visiting relatives in Slaton when he was persuaded to turn himself in.

"A father-in-law had been contacted by other family members who live in the Dallas area, who said that his picture and name had been all over the TV and paper down there," Ellis said. "The father-in-law said he didn't want any trouble, so he loaded him up in the car and brought him to the police department."

The day after the Richardson bank robbery, the FBI identified Fajardo and another man, Douglas Ybarra, as two of the three bandits. There is no name or description of the third.

Authorities thought they had a break in the case when a man by the name of Douglas Ybarra turned himself in in Houston. As it turns out, he was only trying to clear up a case of mistaken identity.

"I'm not no bank robber, I don't look like no bank robber," Ybarra said. "I wouldn't have the courage to do something like that; I know there are a lot of people thinking about doing something like that, but I'm not one of them."

Authorities expect Fajardo will be extradited to Collin County sometime later this week.

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