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Did Officers Play a Role in Fellow Officer's Murder? Chicago Alderman Demands to Know

NBC5 News

CHICAGO, Ill. - A Chicago alderman called on Friday for Police Superintendent Phil Cline to reopen the case of a police officer who was killed in the line of duty.

In 2001, Officer Eric Lee responded to a call for help from his fellow officers, and was killed minutes later in the line of duty. Two of those officers he assisted were before a judge on Thursday, among four officers charged with corruption and facing allegations of drug dealing, burglary and robbery. The charges are unrelated to Lee's murder.

"If they were any kind of way involved in illegal activity at the time Officer Lee was killed, then they need to be held accountable," Aldereman Issac Carothers said. "And they should be charged just as if they pulled the trigger themselves."

Chicago Police Officers Broderick Jones, 34; Corey Flagg, 34; Darek Haynes, 35; and Eural Black, 41, were all charged on Thursday. U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said the FBI is looking closely at the possibility that more officers were involved, possibly friends and co-workers of the four officers charged.

Cline said he is confident that the conduct of the officers who were charged had nothing to do with Lee's death.

Community leaders are not convinced, NBC5's Rob Elgas reported. They are calling for Cline to reopen all criminal cases involving the four officers - including the Lee case.

"The people of Englewood need to know police are here to serve and protect them," said community activist Pastor Anthony Williams. "The Eric Lee case needs to be reopened. We need to find out what else these scoundrels have done. Ninety percent of our Chicago police are good cops, but it's those 5 percent that has to be weeded out."

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