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Fla. Police Arrest 8 of Robbery Crime Ring; Say Gang Trained, Held Practice Runs

Men Allegedly Responsible For Dozens Of Robberies

Local6 News (Florida)

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Orange County sheriff's deputies arrested eight men from the Middle East, South American and other overseas locations who were part of a well-organized crime ring allegedly responsible for dozens of robberies in Central Florida.

Detectives said eight men arrested in Central Florida trained and held practice runs to get break-ins down to a science, Local 6 News reported.

Investigators said the men, also known as the International Crew, have been robbing businesses since August 2003 and have become experts at breaking into stores and disabling surveillance systems.

"These guys were thugs who were victimizing people," Orange County Sheriff's spokesman Ron Stucker said.

Detectives said the men came together in Central Florida and created a sophisticated burglary ring with elaborate plans.

The men are believed to have targeted more than 25 businesses, including United Wholesale in Polk County where the men allegedly stole $235,000 in merchandise.

"We all know that when this amount of money is lost what that accounts to through insurance losses, through loss of their income," Stucker said.

Stolen safes, disguises and firearms were also confiscated in the bust.

The men face a list of charges, Local 6 News reported.

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