Video: Dash cam of fatal NC OIS released as trial continues

Jurors viewed dashcam footage of a Charlotte officer shooting a man who had been looking for help after a car crash

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Jurors have been viewing dashboard camera footage and hearing the sounds of a Charlotte police officer shooting a man who had been looking for help after a car crash, as the film was shown publically for the first time at the officer's voluntary manslaughter trial.

The footage from police officer Adam Neal's cruiser didn't show officer Randall Kerrick firing his gun or Jonathan Ferrell being hit, but all 12 shots could be heard over the audio recording from Neal's uniform microphone.

Neal was the last officer to arrive at the scene before the shooting. Jonathan Ferrell can be seen in the headlights of Neal's car as he stops.

Ferrell begins running out of the camera's view and a voice is heard yelling "get on the ground!" Four shots are fired, then a pause and eight more shots are heard as someone keeps yelling to for Ferrell to get on the ground. After the final shot, a voice yells "Don't move!" The whole encounter takes about five seconds. Then the area is quiet as the officers call for help.

Dashboard footage from Kerrick's car and the third officer is also expected to be introduced in Kerrick's voluntary manslaughter trial.

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