Input sought on revised JAG performance measures

The revision process included telephone interviews, a focus group, meetings with stakeholders and conferring with consultants in the field

The Bureau of Justice Assistance has released a request for input on the newly revised performance measures for the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG).  Over the past year, BJA has been in the process of revising the performance measures for the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) program. During the process, BJA held telephone interviews, a focus group, and meetings with stakeholders, conferred with consultants in the field, and made presentations to constituent groups.

According to the announcement posted at their website, BJA states that the new measures were developed to provide grantees with the opportunity to better describe how JAG funding is being used and to describe program accomplishments. The revision process will help BJA meet internal and external reporting requirements from the White House, the Government Accountability Office, and Congress. Grantees have the option of reviewing the entire set of performance measures for the JAG program or the questions by purpose area. Comments on the measures can be submitted in the same way, using the feedback form. The form will allow grantees to answer specific questions BJA has regarding some of the measures. Grantees will be able to list their concerns regarding data collection and reporting on the new measures, and provide general feedback on the measures for BJA.

The draft performance measures have been posted at the BJA website for review and comment. You may review the entire set of new measures or simply comment within your purpose areas, law enforcement. It also allows for input concerns about the impact of these new measures on the department. The comment form is clear and easy to use. It begins with gathering background information concerning your department and JAG funding.  The law enforcement form then moves to the following areas of comment: Programs, Personnel, and Equipment Purchases, Improvements made to Technology, Training, Task Forces, and Accomplishments. By providing concrete and constructive experiences and outcomes your department can assist in the improvement of the performance measurement process.

A section is also provided for narrative style input. This section includes information about your departments JAG related accomplishments, outcomes of your grant goals, identification of problem or barriers encountered with program implementation, how difficult it is to fiscally track and complete your grant program and major activities and innovative program accomplishments. The is a good opportunity for your department to clearly assist the Bureau of Justice programs in gaining a full understanding of the challenges and problems with their requirements and the real-time implementation of their JAG grant program.

To access the Revised Performance Measures and provide your comments and thoughts click here

Meeting grant performance measurements can be a challenging.  Grants are supplemental tasks to your daily work load. They require constant diligence to maintain data and information required for the quarterly submission of program outcomes. The financial reports must accurately reflect the income and expenses for each quarter. Staying on top of the management requirements of each and every grant will assist your department in avoiding a major federal audit. This is a good time to provide your constructive thoughts to the funder. Make sure you keep a copy of your input and concerns to utilize when you submit your next JAG Grant application as a reminder of things you will need to address in the new application.

The deadline for comments is February 24, 2012.

Best wishes with your grant endeavors!

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