Baltimore homicides hit 20-year low, thanks to task force

Police Detectives Danny Danzy (right) and Warren Smith (left) with the Warrant Apprehension Task Force, peer into an apartment while attempting to serve a warrant. The task force is part of a strategy that's getting credit for reducing the homicide rate in Baltimore. (AP Photo)

By Ben Nuckols
Associated Press

BALTIMORE — On the streets of one of the nation's most violent cities, Detective Danny Danzy is known as a "bodysnatcher."

He's on the front lines of Baltimore's battle to reduce homicides, but he's not looking for dead bodies. Instead, he knocks on doors, taps on windows and shines his flashlight into desolate row homes, searching for violent suspects who should be in jail — people who, according to research, are more likely to become killers or homicide victims.

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