Police training high school students how to interact with officers

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — In a town where football players are treated like Hollywood stars, police are holding their own workshops with the actors.

Officers in Columbus, home of the lionized Ohio State Buckeyes, are visiting high schools to teach the next generation of gridiron greats that they are not invincible. Re-enacting scenarios gleaned from the streets, they share tips on how athletes should conduct themselves during encounters with the law. Throughout the summer and autumn, the show has garnered praise from schools and city officials. More performances are in the works, and police are expanding audiences to include non-athletes.

The first show closed with a speech that was part metaphor, part challenge.

"The world is made up of three categories of people. You're either a sheep, a wolf, or a guard dog," Detective Larry Wilson declared. "It's funny how one guard dog can make three wolves run."

He paused and looked out at the young faces in the crowd.

"The fact that you're playing football right now tells me that you're probably not a sheep. So which one are you?" he asked. "You can't be both."

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