Teen cop impersonator stages arrest, gets arrested

Using toy handcuffs, teen "arrested" a 14-year-old shoplifting accomplice

By PoliceOne Staff

PORT ST LUCIE, Fla. — A 17-year-old posed as a fake cop with toy handcuffs to arrest a 14-year-old shoplifting accomplice so they could make off with $20 of trading cards.

Brandon Rhoads, 17, entered the Port St. Lucie Walmart Sunday morning in civilian clothes and with a holstered gun at his hip, according to a police report. He flashed his wallet at store manager Laura Dougherty, 52, then put a friend, 14, into a pair of plastic handcuffs.

Dougherty followed the teens into the parking lot and called police, where the pair realized they'd been caught, the Palm Beach Post reported. After a short foot pursuit, officers arrested Rhoads and the younger teen.

Rhoads was charged with impersonating an officer, and the 14-year-old with resisting arrest and retail theft. Police found the stolen Yugio cards, a Black Gammo Pellet Gun, toy handcuffs, a wallet with security badge, a nylon holster and a CO2 cartridge.

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