Video: Teen bodyslams Calif. SRO at high school football game

Police say the officer was hospitalized after the attack with “serious injuries”

By P1 Staff

BANNING, Calif. — A teenager’s attack on a school resource officer patrolling a high school football game left the officer hospitalized with serious injuries, according to a statement from the Banning Police Department last week.

The officer was responding to a call from school security on Friday about a teenage male who had started a fight. When the teenager refused to leave, the officer attempted to arrest him.

“The patron resisted and grabbed the officer from around his waist and threw the officer to the ground, where the officer sustained serious injuries,” the statement said.

Detective Mike Bennet described the moment to KCBS as “a bodyslam.”

Review of footage of the attack, which was filmed by a bystander using a cell phone, shows that the officer was also assaulted by a second person while prone and injured on the ground. Video reveals a male “grabbing the officer by his throat” before bystanders intervened.

The officer’s injuries were treated at a local hospital before he was released to recover at home Tuesday, according to CBSLA.

Police said the first suspect was arrested and charged with assault on a police officer with great bodily injury.

The second suspect remains at large.

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