Law Enforcement and the Economy

Law Enforcement and
the Economy
A recent poll by the Police Executive Research Forum found that more than half the agencies questioned have been affected by funding cuts during the past few months. Although the economic stimulus package had billions of dollars in relief for law enforcement, smart agencies had to find ways to stretch their budget dollars. PoliceOne presents the following news articles, tips and resources to help police officers out during the economic downturn.
Deciphering the secret language of grants
Featured Report
By Denise Schlegel, Police Grants Columnist
Grant writing! The very thought it can make you want to run away. Has someone ever placed a request for proposal on your desk, demanding that you be the one to write the grant and get the money so that the organization or program can keep on going? How are you as a member of the law enforcement community going to find that kind of time? Here are a few tips to help you get started ... Full Column
Crime and the Economic Crisis
Budgets and Cutbacks
In-Depth Coverage
Increasing Crime Budget cuts and economic crisis increase crime, endanger officers
Nearly half of the agencies surveyed since the collapse of the nation's financial markets link increases in criminal offenses to the economy, a new review by an LE research group shows ... Full Story
Finding moneyFinding the money for communications interoperability purchases
Agencies seeking to increase their communications technology equipment should turn to the Byrne/JAG program, as well as a few more creative alternatives ... Full Story
TrainingCutting back on training? Re-think that idea
Police training is typically one of the first fatalities during budget cuts, and in today’s economy you can bet that class after class is falling behind ... Full Story
Hypermiling"Hypermiling" the LE way
Agencies will continue to struggle with the finances of doing what cops do every day: drive. While everyone feels the impact of gas prices, agencies, responsible for fueling fleets of vehicles, are hard-hit ... Full Story
John RiveraWriting technology purchases into your grant proposals
A little research on the part of a person directly working with the technology can go a long way in clarifying miscommunications about to how and what the worker (the officer) needs from his or her technology ... Full Story
HypermilingTrain your troops with Federal stimulus funds
Kate O’Donnell of Police Grants and Training Initiatives reassured us all that federal stimulus money flowing to the law enforcement community can be applied toward training ... Full Story
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