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Strategies for winning leadership
June 5, 2014
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Welcome to the premiere issue of PoliceOne's 'The Police Leader' eNews, a newsletter focused on all matters of import for command staff of agencies large and small, covering both leadership of people and management of things.

In this issue, Chief Joel Shults urges us to "ask why" and gives five reasons every good police leader should. Also, Barry Reynolds explains how to lead without draining the life-blood from your officers, and Dan Danaher examines how 14 military values translate to police leadership.

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The PoliceOne Team
Featured Article
Why ask "Why?" 5 reasons every good police leader should
By Chief Joel Shults, PoliceOne Columnist
Over my career as an academy trainer, professor, and chief, my greatest satisfaction has come from answering all those "why?" questions. Here's why
5 things line officers want from their commanders
When was the last time you had 'fun' at work?
Using IBM's playbook in police management
Take a page from IBM and let your troops know how much you appreciate them
Police Leader columns
The Body Camera Your Department Needs
Safety Vision's rugged Prima Facie HD body camera offers unique features that are not available with other body cameras at an affordable price.
See the body camera that police departments are raving about
Exclusive Articles
How to lead without draining the life-blood from your officers
By Barry Reynolds, PoliceOne Contributor
General Norman Schwarzkopf "managed" a million different things during his career, and every one of those million things involved people — and before he managed any of those people, he led them. The 3 Cs
How these military values translate to police leadership
By Dan Danaher, PoliceOne Contributor
Your rank or position can command compliance, but it doesn't make you a leader — others deem you to be a leader because of the qualities you possess and the totality of your character. 14 qualities
Leadership Videos
Leadership in law enforcement: An interview with Dick Fairburn
Dave Smith interviews Dick Fairburn about the state of leadership — and, in particular, leadership training — in law enforcement. Watch the video
Leadership Tip
Want to improve your leadership skills? Ask yourself this question
By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
If you were to pick one leadership trait that was the most important to you, what would it be? Why this matters
InPublicSafety Presents: 6 ways to prosper on a cop's budget
The financial health of law enforcement officers is extremely important to help reduce stress, alleviate ethical issues, maintain security clearances, and stop living paycheck to paycheck.
Read the full article on AMU's InPublicSafety blog
Featured News
Baltimore police commissioner punches gunman, helps make arrest
Dallas chief calls training controversy 'a hot mess'
NYPD commissioner's war on graffiti: It's personal
Detroit chief on NRA article: 'I'm pro life'
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