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20 reforms in 20 mo. for Seattle PD; Study: Chimps the first police officers

One law enforcement family's harrowing tale; The importance of trigger control;
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 One law enforcement family's harrowing tale
 The importance of trigger control
 Print for Roll Call  View Online  Products  Subscribe Week 587 aa‚¬a€? March 30, 2012
Featured News

5 Mexico police officers killed at party
Five Juarez police officers, including a police commander, were shot and killed at a party Wednesday night - the deadliest attack on police officers so far this year. (KVUE Image)
'Won't be intimidated'
Today's Top Stories:
Seattle police announce 20 reforms for 20 months: Ranges from hiring more minority officers to addressing biased policing
Pit bull attacks Calif. cop at ballgame: Police have had repeated run-ins with dog
Chicago cop returns home after being shot
Study: Chimpanzee cops were first police officers
Blind man's trip in self-driving car legal
Woman hit by NY police bullet gets escort
Fla. shooting: Attorney strategy led to nat'l coverage
Hutaree plead guilty to gun charge
White supremacist sheriff candidate expands on platform
Combat Gunfighting
Point shooting: Instinctive response to deadly threats
By Mike Rayburn, P1 Contributor
The natural reactions your body has to the stress of a life-or-death encounter are, for the most part, instinctive. When your primordial 'fight or flight' syndrome kicks in, your natural reactions take over.
Focusing on the threat
No More Inverted Images.
The ITI UpRight™ Pole Camera System is the ONLY telescoping police camera system that allows an operator to tilt and rotate the camera to any arbitrary position while maintaining a vertically oriented image on the viewing screen. This allows the operator to move the camera as needed to fit the tactical screen. No more inverted images.
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Stories from the Beat
Fight until you win: One law enforcement family's harrowing tale
By Hayley Hudson, P1 Staff
Corrections officer Darlene Troumbly recounts a terrifying close-quarters encounter with a delusional inmate who attacked her even after being TASERed. Her natural inclination to defend herself is what saved her, says Officer Troy Ugrich, her brother. He wanted to kill her
Man sings 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in back of patrol car
An unidentified man, picked up for allegedly being drunk, gives a impressive performance of Queen's iconic song.
'Batman' pulled over for no tags
Maryland police pull over a black Lamborghini with no tags, only to find out that the driver is "Batman."
P1 First Person
The 'forgotten ones'
By Greg Brown, P1 Contributor
We honor the fallen, but what about those who are catastrophically injured in the line of duty but survive? Know that a career-ending injury does not mean you have to leave law enforcement. Here are some things you can do to fight the frustration of being a "civilian" again.
Retirement is not the end
The Baker Batshield® Offers Superior Ballistic Protection
The Baker Batshield® protects officers during high-risk approaches to armed individuals. Rated NIJ Level IIIA, providing reliable protection against most handgun, shotgun and pistol-caliber sub-machinegun threats. Provides a natural two-handed weapon platform.
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Tactical Tip
Video: The importance of
trigger control
Tori Nonaka talks about the need to allow the sear reset to occur without totally taking your finger off the trigger before breaking a second shot.
Watch the video
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Explorers flash their lights

This week's photo comes from Marissa Combs: "[Our Explorer post] just activated their emergency lights and told dispatch their location and tag number. Now it's time to make an approach..."
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