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ACLU calls for 'mugshot makeovers'; Chief: Film my officers!

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PoliceOne April 1 Newsletter
Dear PoliceOne Member,

Welcome to The Straight Shooter, the newsletter dedicated to hard-hitting investigative journalism, uncovering the hidden stories shaping police work. In this edition, learn about the ACLU's call for 'mugshot makeovers,' how Simon Cowell is bringing C-rap to the masses, and the ways new legislation is putting cop impersonators to work.

With the addition of "SnoCops," crime rates are freezing all across the Northern Tier, and a Calif. chief is asking citizens to help critique officers' performances by filming their every move — 24/7.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief


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ACLU calls for 'mugshot makeovers'
Rights advocates argue that suspects "don't look their best" at the time of arrest, and that any long-term negative implications of a bad mugshot photo must be averted. Worth a thousand words
Cop Idol: Music mogul seeks officers' C-rap videos
Officers encouraged to appear in uniform and drive their squad cars in the submitted videos to ensure the authenticity of their Cop Rap efforts. "Ultimate C-rap Artist of the Year"

Chief to citizens: Film my officers 24/7
The department has taken the unusual step of asking citizens to dramatically increase their videotaping of officers. "Who's better qualified?"
New legislation puts police impersonators to work
Ex-cop turned State Representative Lawson Shortchange suggests that the state can save millions by employing police imposters instead of incarcerating them. Operation Cannon Fodder
Record snowfall helps cops freeze crime rates
Across the Northern Tier especially, agencies have been able to make big budget cuts with the addition of "SnoCops." Complaints of "coldness"
Department's 'Call Me Maybe' causes massive miscommunication
Pamta police have been forced to take drastic action after community members mistook their PSA “Call Me Maybe” video for a police dating service. "Who's better qualified?"
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