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Al Qaeda train plot foiled; Texas officer killed by repeat drunk driver

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 6 things cops know that most Americans don't
 Boston working together inspires pride
 April 22, 2013

Dear PoliceOne Member,

Selecting a single 'favorite' moment to any given ILEETA conference is practically impossible, but as I reflect on ILEETA 2013, I have to admit that one highlight which stands out most in my mind is the debriefing given by Oak Creek (Wis.) Police Lieutenant Brian Murphy of the Sikh Temple shooting incident.

In coming days, weeks, and months, we'll feature many other columns which resulted from our attendance at what is probably the most inspirational and educational annual event in law enforcement. But I want to start this series by saying "Thank you, Lt. Murphy, for the tremendous example you provide."

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief

Featured News

Boston bomb suspect charged, could face death sentence

Reese Witherspoon apologizes for threatening officer

Texas officer killed by repeat drunk driver

Today's Top Stories:
Okla. officer killed in 2-vehicle crash: Teen driver failed to stop at stop sign, crashing into Officer Douglas Hanna's truck
Video: Calif. police confiscate 2 lb. joint at 4/20 celebration: 4-foot 'tree' violated the one-ounce Calif. law
Police: 5 dead in shooting south of Seattle: Officers arriving encountered a chaotic scene, with bullets flying
Photo: Cop delivering milk to family on Boston lockdown becomes sensation
Police release thermal imaging video of bombing suspect’s capture
FBI: Bombing suspect used cellphone before blast
NYPD: No discriminating against redhead cops
Officer wounded by Marathon suspects 'lost nearly all his blood'
Police: 2 arrested in Canada terror plot
Boston Bombings

6 things cops know that most Americans don't

By Joel Shults, PoliceOne Columnist
I don't want to be counted among the journalists who weave a thousand speculative stories, but in the wake of the events in Boston last week, here are some observations I offer after nearly four decades as a cop. There is evil in the world
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    Boston Bombings

    Watching Boston work together made me proud to be a police officer

    By Fred Leland, PoliceOne Contributor
    After the Boston marathon bombings, parallel evolution allowed ALL to work together in an effective way — this is something we need to understand and leverage for the future. Lessons learned
    Police Cruiser caught in tornado (Dash Cam Footage) 2012
    Norman Police Sgt. Robert Scott was caught in a tornado while driving in his police cruiser.
    Gang video prompts questions of dismissal for 2 Chicago cops
    The officers argue the man in the video was never in any danger, as gang members heckle him from the back of a squad.
     View more police videos at BLUtube.com
    ILEETA 2013

    Cop shot 17 times at Sikh Temple says, 'Never give up'

    By Doug Wyllie, Editor in Chief
    Lt. Brian Murphy was the first officer responding to last year's shooting rampage at the Sikh Temple. In a raspy voice, Murphy held the audience rapt in attention as he recounted how he was shot 17 times on that "beautiful Sunday morning."
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    Tactical Tip
    Keeping your rifle sling out of the way for rapid deployment
    By John Barber, PoliceOne Member
    This is probably common sense for most, but in a long list of lessons learned the hard way, I discovered another issue while deploying my rifle rapidly from my patrol rack. Easy solution
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