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Why the Tavor self-loading rifle is turning heads
It's one of the most anticipated rifles since the end of the assault weapons ban Here's why
'Assault' weapons vs. sporting weapons: What's the difference?
Are the differences between assault weapons and sporting weapons merely cosmetic? Sound off!
The Next Evolution of the Tactical Pant
The Stryke Pant is built from Flex-Tac™ mechanical-stretch ripstop fabric, ensuring extreme durability and resilience in any environment, and is Teflon® treated for spill and stain resistance.
Available for men and women, buy now. Advertisement
Want to survive a disaster? Follow these 5 family crisis tips
When disaster hits your community, you're one of the people they’ll depend on – but what about your family? Be prepared
Firearm Accessories
Bullseye! This camera system makes precise shooting a breeze
Have you ever had to walk downrange to check target hits because your spotting scope wasn't letting you see well enough at long range? Not anymore
Oakley SI Ballistic Crosshair… World's First Ballistic MIL SPEC Wire Frame Glasses
Oakley SI has applied its extensive engineering and advanced technologies from our partnership with the U.S. Armed Services to create the world's first ballistic wire frame glasses.
To see the "classic aviator style on steroids" go to
Tactical Video
The most tactical reload
DemolitionRanch shows off their skills with a reload so quick, you just might miss it.
Tactical Video
Insane archery trick shots
Looking to improve your archery game? Check out this compilation of some of the wildest trick shots.
Product Reviews
Tactical belt clip a safe, secure addition to your drop rig
Comfortable and convenient
Moisture Management T-shirts keep you cool
Patented wicking material
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If you could take lessons for any one outdoor sport or activity, what would it be?
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