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Body Armor in 2013: What's new in NIJ .06; How Vest for Life is saving LEOs

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Dear PoliceOne Member,

In this PoliceOne Special Report, we look at new developments in ballistic protection products. In a roundtable discussion, I talk with four industry experts about what’s new in body armor five years after the release of the NIJ .06 body armor standard.

Lindsey Bertomen writes about the continuing trend in which products are becoming better, more protective, and lighter. Tim Dees examines the future of personal protection equipment, particularly the work of some German materials scientists who have produced a structure composed of calcite and a protein called silicatein-ά (pronounced "sill-leh-KATE-tee-in alfa").

Finally, I visit with the folks behind Vest For Life, an excellent program through which officers can donate "expired" body armor to cops who need it, or receive donated body armor if you cannot afford your own.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief

PoliceOne Roundtable
What's new in NIJ .06 armor?
Now that the standard is well established and there are dozens of choices for purchase, we decided to connect with four industry experts to get a handle on what’s new in .06 body armor. Can never have too much protection

Body armor roundup
What's new in ballistic protection products?
Products which have come to market in the last few years are better, more protective, and lighter. 5 upgrades
Body Armor Tech
Looking at the future of personal protection equipment
Some of the new developments on the horizon include heat-resistant face paint, sponge-based body armor, and a new carrier design. Sadly, it's not sexy yet
Body Armor Issues
Vest For Life is saving LEOs with donated body armor
As infuriating as it may be, many agencies don't outfit their officers with body armor, causing officers to choose between buying proper ballistic protection and putting food on the family table. A call to action
Body Armor video
Armor of God: Travis Yates
More than 1,000 officers have received a vest through this project. See how it works!
Watch the video
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