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Border agent attacked with rocks; Arrestee compliments K-9 who found him

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 Case law and the American home
 Investigating Internet Crimes
 February 21, 2014
Featured News

Video: Tragic red light crash that killed 6

Video: Okla. officer rescues man from burning vehicle

Video: Dash cam captures intense wrong-way pursuit

News Analysis:
Watching the Peruta case? Watch the hands instead!
 By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Last week, the Ninth Circuit issued a ruling that effectively "tossed out" California's CCW permit process. Cops around the country will be watching the case, but no matter where you stand on the Second Amendment, you must be mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready for whatever you face on the streets. Officer safety implications
P1 Roll Call

Man shot after jumping in trooper's SUV; sick boy's birthday wish

Dave Smith recaps a suspect's attempt to steal a gun out of a trooper's car and asks cops to support an sick boy. Watch the video
Liability and Litigation

The Constitution and the cop: Case law and the American home

By Terry Dwyer, PoliceOne Columnist
While the home is still sacred constitutional ground — a threshold not to be trespassed upon by the government without a warrant supported by probable cause — exceptions do exist. Know your policies and procedures

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Book Excerpt

Investigating Internet Crimes

Social media is everywhere and it's time for law enforcement to catch up. Check out this excerpt on how criminals are using social media, and how you can use that information to stop them. Impact on the legal system
Human trafficking from a global perspective
John Vanek defines human trafficking and who is affected by the slavery trade worldwide.
Suspect slips and falls during pursuit escape attempt
Dash cam captures a suspect slipping on ice after bailing out of a vehicle and attempting escape during a pursuit.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

The electronic stakeout: Innovative use of GPS technology

By Joseph K. Loughlin, PoliceOne Member
Two officers have spearheaded a new approach to modern policing by using GPS engineered technology to capture the bad guys. So far, the program is demonstrating tremendous results by catching criminals during crimes-in-progress.

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Video Tip
The figure-four takedown
Larry Smith discusses and demonstrates a takedown from a figure-four hold. Watch the video
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With a 30' body and two slide-out walls, this truck has massive room for mobile command operations and all of the technology to go along.
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Go get 'em!
This week's photo of the week comes from Deputy Jordan Seahorn of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office in Russellville, Ala. Pictured are K-9 Chill and his partner practicing apprehension drills.
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