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Citizen rescues cop from burning squad; Retired NYPD chief defends 'stop and frisk'

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 Hostage situation: One shot to save a boy's life
 Don't become a victim of your weapon handling
 April 12, 2013
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Man rescues Ga. cop from blazing cruiser

Video: Store owner fights off burglars with bat

Bomb mailed to Sheriff Joe intercepted en route

Today's Top Stories:
Retired NYPD chief defends 'stop and frisk': Testified that controversial program triggered large drop in crime
Video of Ore. police subduing man prompts lawsuit: Police were cleared of any wrongdoing by two different boards
Police cite jogger for jogging backwards in traffic: Citizen called 911, saying they feared for man's safety
Teen steals big-rig of strawberries, hits several cars, blames zombies
Photos: Dubai police unveil $500K Lamborghini cruiser
Police investigate package containing goat's head at Wrigley Field
Texas stabbing suspect fantasized about cannibalism
NFL player gets 2 years probation for assaulting cop
Police release unfinished text message of driver killed in crash
10-43: All Units...

One shot to save a boy's life

By Doug Wyllie, Editor in Chief
When a 30-year-old gunman with a history of substance abuse and trouble with the law threatened the life of an innocent high school student, Sergeant Jeff Young took action. Started with a welfare check
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Beyond Qualification

Don't become a victim of your own weapon handling

By Mark Schraer, PoliceOne Contributor
The ability to recite the Four Core Rules of Firearm Safety, and even to follow them during firearms training, does not automatically translate to their use on the street — particularly in critical incidents.
New technoloy gives police eyes inside schools
Unique surveillance video crime-fighting tool is giving one department an edge in the event of a school shooting.
Pursuit captured on motorcycle dash-cam
Motorcycle dash-cam footage shows a police pursuit from the cyclist's point of view.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Carry a badge, carry a gun

By Vance “Fox” Rosen, PoliceOne Member
Most officers recognize the perks of carrying their badge off duty. But why do so many leave their guns behind? The world is a dangerous place no matter where you go, and the bad guys will show up when and where you least expect them. Be situationally prepared
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Video Tip
Video: Filipino foot movement drills
In this video tactical tip, Diana Rathborne of the Minnesota Kali Group shares a series of foot movement drills which come from the Filipino martial arts. Watch the video
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Make Dad Proud!
This week’s photo comes from retired Lt. Tim Morley of the Richmond, Virginia police. Morley took this photo of his daughter, Kelly, while he was still working as Watch Commander.
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Rikers Island Implements ID Authentication for All Visitors
[Advanced ID Detection]

Telrepco to Exhibit at New Jersey Police Security Expo
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