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Cop dies of heart attack at deputy's funeral; Video: Ticket paid with origami pigs

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 An argument in favor of 'professional courtesy'
 Are LEOs warriors or protectors?
 Sept. 14, 2012
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Video: Cops stand behind arrest of 77-year-old woman

Miami police fire cop pulled over by FHP

Video: Ticket paid with 137 origami pigs

Today's Top Stories:
Pa. officer killed day before birthday: Officer was fatally wounded in a confrontation with a hit-and-run suspect, who was shot and killed
Officer dies of heart attack at deputy's funeral: An officer suffered a fatal heart attack while at the funeral of a deputy from his department
Man opens fire at Pa. police station: Police shot down a man who fired a gun into a squad car, then took aim at two officers
Video: UK traffic cop kicked in head
Video: 6 Mich. officers cleared in mentally ill man's shooting
Mass. paraglider: Police overreacted to 9/11 jaunt
Feds tell Ariz. sheriff to retrieve military goods
National 'Thank You' day for police officers
Ark. police release more audio, video in patrol car suicide
Boy, 2, ticketed for public urination
Musings of a Retired Cop

An argument in favor of 'professional courtesy'

By Keith Bettinger, PoliceOne Columnist
Professional courtesy — giving a break to a fellow (or retired) officer — has been discussed in many forums, with both positive and negative opinions. But in the long run, aren't there enough criminals out there to catch and arrest? The rules
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The Ethical Warrior

Are LEOs warriors or protectors?

By Jack Hoban, PoliceOne Columnist
We may not be in a physical confrontation every day, but we are trained and prepared to fight. We also risk life and limb to protect our countries, communities, families and friends. Does this make us warriors?
Armed with chair, employee chases robber
An offender who demanded money from a store employee probably wasn't expecting him to be armed with a threatening weapon — a chair.
Video: Swarm of mini-choppers assists police in Japan
Four quadrocopters autonomously scan for "survivors" at the site of a simulated chemical explosion.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Trafficking in persons

By Jon Felperin, PoliceOne Member
According to the US State Department, Mexico is considered a "Tier 2" country, a large source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor. But it's improving.
Just not fast enough
Rent a Use-of-Force/Firearm Simulator!
Unfortunately budget cuts are a fact of life right now. As you know, training budgets are usually the first areas to be squeezed when budget cuts come. The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice high quality training that uses leading edge technology just because your training budget got a haircut! You can rent a use-of-force/firearm simulator for a fraction of the cost to buy one.
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Video Tip
The tactical about-face
"Look out behind you!" someone shouts. You turn around to discover an impending attack from your six. What do you do? Watch the video
Find a Better Way to Handle Department Scheduling
New research exposes vast inefficiencies in how nation's public safety agencies schedule their staff, costing time and budget dollars when both are in short supply. Watch the Kronos webinar or read the research brief to learn about the benefits of automating your scheduling process.
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
To dive or not to dive
This week's photo comes from Tony Cooper, who writes: "Here, officers are making a decision to call out fire department divers, suspecting the driver was in the 12- to 14-foot deep SRC pond."
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