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Cop on trial in reality TV death; Man who beat cop to death to be released

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 The heroics of Deputy Frank Pobjecky
 Use of force: How much is enough?
 May 29, 2013
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Mass. Gov. signs bill honoring officer killed by Boston bombers

Knife-wielding woman fatally shot, officer wounded at Va. Costco

Police: Drunk driver crashed during sex, hid behind cactus

Today's Top Stories:
Ore. man who beat cop to death to be released: Decision caught attention of lawmakers, chiefs, DAs and LEOs
Detroit cop on trial in death of girl during reality TV filming: Officer is accused of acting with gross negligence
Retired military bomb dog joins Md. police force: Wasn't ready for retirement, especially when skills were still needed
Judge accuses Sheriff Joe of racial profiling
French cop killer nabbed after explosive prison break
Autopsy: UK soldier died from edged weapon wounds
NYPD 'stop and frisk' critics seek big changes
Seattle police acknowledge violating records act
Philly commish wants DOJ to examine use of force
Blue Knights

9 rounds spent, 4 suspects down: The heroics of Deputy Frank Pobjecky

By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
An off-duty officer and a master pizza chef worked in tandem to not only save their own lives, but to stop four thugs who burst into the pizza parlor intent on robbery and promising murder. "We choose life"
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Use of force: How much is enough?

By Chuck Joyner, PoliceOne Contributor
Excessive force is a problem — one which always receives lots of media attention — but failure to use an adequate level of force is actually a bigger problem that causes officers to get injured and killed every year. Perception and subsequent action
State police salute 15 LODDs in Washington
Fifteen troopers' names were read Friday as men and women in uniform lined the walkway in front of the state police barracks.
Rural agencies train to use pepper guns
The JPX Pepper Gun is appearing on more and more police utility belts as another method of "less-lethal force."
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Reality Training: Roll Call Video Review

Ambush at a marijuana grow operation

In July 2012, Miami-Dade (Fla.) officers arrived to a home suspected to be a marijuana operation and very quickly came under gunfire. Join the conversation
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Tactical Tip
Cover, concealment, and 'cop-killer' cartridges
By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
You don’t necessarily want hug your cover. Consider the fact that bullets glancing off the hood of a vehicle are far more likely to strike you if you’re close to the car (as opposed to several feet away from it). A spectrum of cover
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Adamson Industries Corp. Announces the New Inner-Edge XLP Series from Whelen
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GLOCK, Inc. Honored by 19th Annual Communicator Awards
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