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Cop resigns over 'brake-check' video; Assault weapons ban dropped from bill

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 A toll paid in blood: Warrant service gone bad
 Going from 'stop, drop, roll' to 'run, hide, fight'
 March 20, 2013
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Assault weapons ban dropped from gun bill

Video: Officers find UCF plotter's body in dorm

'Brake-check' video prompts NC cop to resign

Today's Top Stories:
Gang calls for death of 2 NYPD officers on 'wanted' poster: Poster features caption, '50z want these pigs heads'
Miss. police chief struck by vehicle, dies: Police Chief Randy Boykin was directing morning traffic in front of school
Colo. corrections chief shot, killed after answering his door: Massive manhunt under way for perpetrator
Video: Drunk driver nearly hits squad head-on
Off-duty officers rescue 400 lb man from burning home
Calif. police shoot, kill car thief charging at cop
Eerily realistic cop-killing video games have police concerned
Wis. cops catch criminals with viral videos
NYPD officer: Brass dictate stops, arrests
10-8: Life on the Line

A toll paid in blood: Warrant service gone bad

By Chuck Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
This incident was recently debriefed at the annual conference of the Association of SWAT Personnel-Wisconsin. The out-of-state speaker who presented this case said if he'd been one of the supervisors involved, he would have eaten his gun...
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Cop Gumbo

Going from 'stop, drop, roll' to 'run, hide, fight'

By Val Van Brocklin, PoliceOne Columnist
In the 1950s, school children were taught to "duck and cover" in case of nuclear attack and were herded into school basements for bomb drills. We didn't hide the dangers from our kids, we prepared them.
Survival story: Aftermath of an officer-involved shooting
On Feb. 16, 1997, two officers were involved in a shooting. Hear their story of survival.
Top 8 weird police pursuits
The strangest pursuits in Southern Calif. are collected to make one dramatic montage.
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10-43: All Units...
A 'magic wand' for officer safety
By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Using the Metal-TEC 1400 from Torfino Enterprises, officers can trace the outline of concealed weapons and detect objects as small as SIM cards. Silent, sensitive and solid
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