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Crime scene photos leaked to public; Cop suspended for 'liking' Facebook post | Sept. 7, 2012

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 Should we treat training guns like real guns?
 Fla. officer stops gunman after shooting
 Sept. 7, 2012
Dear PoliceOne Member,

As soon as you hit send on an email or hit enter on a social media website, your comment is essentially etched in Internet stone. Being reprimanded (or worse) for Internet "free speech" is an issue that seems to come up again and again. In the news lineup today is an item about a cop suspended for 'liking' a firefighter's Facebook post (which, ironically, has already garnered more than 50 comments here on PoliceOne).

After you check that out, I encourage you to also review the excellent tip from Dave Smith from late last year. It just so happens that next week is the SMILE Conference, an event devoted to social media, the Internet and Law Enforcement initiatives. If you're at SMILE, send us your thoughts and observations. We'll compile them with our coverage of the event.

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor In Chief
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NM cop's crime scene photos leaked to public

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Ga. officer shot, suspect caught at state line

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Cop suspended for 'liking' firefighter's Facebook post
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PoliceOne Roundtable: Should we treat training guns like real guns?

By Doug Wyllie, Editor in Chief
Blue Guns, SIRT Pistols, Airsoft and Sims all offer the ability to do vital reality-based training — but they do create potential weapons-safety issues if not used properly. Join the debate
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PoliceOne Exclusive

Day off turned standoff: Fla. officer stops gunman after shooting

By Hayley Hudson, PoliceOne Staff
Officer Kristin Shiner had barely unpacked from her recent move to Cape Coral when a chilling "welcome" to the neighborhood caused her to draw her weapon for the first time in her career. And it happened on her day off. Training kicked in
Naked man leads Seattle cops on two-hour lake pursuit
Police spent almost two hours trying to catch a suspect who shed his clothes and dashed in and out of a city lake to evade capture.
DNC cops have dance off while directing traffic
Street cops directing traffic in Uptown Charlotte during the Democratic National Convention were captured challenging each other to a dance competition.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

How a kids' game can save your life

By Robert Smith, PoliceOne Member
Has it ever occurred to you the amount of control you give a suspect when you allow them to choose the speed and manner in which they exit a vehicle, and what they do when they have exited? Here's a less dangerous way of removing people from a vehicle. Simon says
Introducing the New Ford Interceptor SUV with Ready Buckle
Laguna Mfg. would like to introduce the new Ford Interceptor SUV with Ready Buckle. The Ready Buckle is the original outboard buckling retractor system for police vehicles which allows officers to buckle the prisoner without leaning over them and Ready Buckles patented dual mode retractors will tighten the detainee if they struggle around.
Learn more about the Ford Interceptor SUV
Video Tip
Bet your badge on Facebook?
Do cops think about how their social media posts might reflect their agency as well as themselves? Watch the video
Say Goodbye To Tired Document Management Processes
Wake up your methods with PowerDMS™ and start capturing signatures electronically, tracking revisions side by side, and training and testing employees and maintaining accreditation and industry standards manuals entirely online.
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Haunted by a '62 shootout
This week's photo comes from Ron Cole, who writes: "This is a 1961 Plymouth Sacramento Sheriff’s Department squad car... I loaned it to another officer [who] got into a high speed chase of a gun-waving bar drunk."
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