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Cruiser pins burglary suspect to building; Video: Cop suspended for dunking head in urine

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 An FBI inquiry gone sideways
 What cops need to know: 'AK-47 bandit'
 Nov. 16, 2012
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Video: Cop suspended for dunking head in urine

Video: Cruiser pins burglary suspect to building

New gun range lets you shoot at real people

Today's Top Stories:
4-year sentence for officer in man's death: Mentally disabled man erroneously suspected of stealing money from an ATM
Cop fired for death threats eligible for rehire: Arbitrator ruled that officer is eligible if he gets medical clearance
Former Ga. sheriff leaves unforgettable legacy: Community remembers a helpful, patriotic, loving man who demanded professionalism
Video: Attempted murder suspect blames cop for being in road
Philly officer who hit woman prior to arrest at parade charged
Officer cleared of battery in purse-snatching arrest
Court rules it's OK to tell police to 'f**k off'
Texas parade honoring war heroes ends in tragedy
SF deputy arrested on bank robbery charge
All Law Enforcement is Local

An FBI inquiry gone sideways: General dismay and major problems

By Lance Eldridge, PoliceOne Columnist
The ongoing drama from General Petraeus' relationship with his biographer has caught the media's attention. Here's how a love-struck FBI agent's investigation spun out of control and resulted in a minor national security crisis. Missing the big picture
Introducing the New FirstVu HD Body Cam
Digital Ally’s FirstVu HD is smaller, lighter and highly versatile. The system features a user replaceable battery that can outlast your entire shift, records a wide view in HD quality to capture all the important details (even at night), pre-event recording, security features and more.
The future of body cameras
Cracking Gang Codes

Gang codes: The Tic-Tac-Toe cipher

By Gary Klivans, PoliceOne Columnist
Modern day gangs are using this type of code for the same reason it has been used for decades: This code system is flexible, secure, easy to learn and easy to use. Shape is the letter
Motorbike stalls during police chase
A helmet camera shows the pursuit from a suspect's camera, who seems to be making a getaway until his bike stalls.
Man tells cops: "Shoot me, I'm ready to die"
A man previous involved in a domestic dispute stands in front of a store, pleading to be killed as cops try to reason with him.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Don’t sue the police – prosecute them!

By Mark Albrechtsen, PoliceOne Member
We are expecting police officers to make legal decisions in a system that lawyers cannot keep up with. Worse yet, we are prosecuting officers when their actions are the slightest bit out of line with established precedent. Doing their jobs
Getac S400 Semi-rugged Notebook
The Getac S400 is both 4G LTE and WiFi access available, you can be connected 24/7 wherever you are, allowing you to improve productivity. Designed for next generation wireless technology, you can connect wirelessly for mission critical information at amazing speeds.
Learn more about the Getac S400 today
10-43: All Units...
What cops need to know about the 'AK-47 bandit'
By Doug Wyllie, Editor in Chief
Today I've commandeered the Tip to alert members about an armed and dangerous suspect who is wanted for the attempted murder of a California police officer. This information is posted to the Members-only section. A series of robberies
Introducing Eleven 10’s Kydex Duty Belt Tourniquet Cases
A tourniquet may save your life in a lethal force encounter. Eleven 10’s Kydex Tourniquet Cases mount to your duty belt vertically or horizontally, and hold a SOFT-T®, SOFT-T® Wide, or CAT® Tourniquet. Kydex retention securely holds the tourniquet with no straps or covers, but is easily removable when needed.
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
This week's photo comes from Linda Goggin: "One of our officers is arachnophobic. So, after Halloween, when the decorations were being taken down, an idea was born. The main thing to learn is to never let your partners know your phobias!"
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