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DOJ finds 'serious' problems with APD; When your partner becomes a hostage

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 Why our approach to school killers is a misfire
 How to beat criminal surveillance 'tradecraft'
 April 11, 2014
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Video: Tense talk-down of armed suicidal man

Video: Feds, protesters clash over Nev. ranch rights

Video: Ill. officer brawls with suspect at gas station

PoliceOne Roll Call

Reality Training: When your partner becomes a hostage

Dave Smith shows us one of the most remarkable gun grabs ever caught on camera, and what to do in a situation when your partner has been taken hostage. Watch the video
15 Years After Columbine

Why our approach to school killers is a misfire

By Joel Shults, PoliceOne Columnist
There are some words that chill the heart. They become descriptors of other events and a standard by which evil and destruction are measured. Pearl Harbor set us off to war. Nine-eleven reordered our government. What did Columbine do?
Learn How and Why to Use Social Media for Investigations
Finding the needle in the haystack — that important piece of information that will close the case — requires that agencies have access to all of the data. It is critical for law enforcement to have a view into the social media landscape as well.
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Tactical Intelligence

Why criminals succeed despite shoddy surveillance 'tradecraft'

By Scott Stewart, PoliceOne Contributor
Most criminals are terrible at pre-crime surveillance, but they're able to succeed despite their shoddy tradecraft because most people simply do not practice good situational awareness. Here's how to combat that
The aging warrior
PoliceOne Editor in Chief Doug Wyllie discusses the concept of the Aging Warrior with Coach Bob Lindsey from Verbal Defense and Influence.
Minn. cops save man from fiery wreck
Video footage from the officers' squad car dashboard camera shows the car engulfed in flames.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Preventing police suicide: A police wife breaks the silence

By Trish Buchanan, PoliceOne Contributor
For 29 years I lived a fairy tale. I was married to my best friend. We had no money problems, no family issues. We didn't smoke, drink or gamble. We laughed and loved each other. And then it ended with suicide
DNAscan System for Rapid DNA Results: Get Grant Funding Now
In the past, you may have overlooked the potential of using grants to buy modern in-station equipment that could dramatically improve the outcome of policing activities and increase public safety. DNAscan™ Rapid DNA Analysis™ System from GE Healthcare Life Sciences and NetBio is an easy-to-use instrument to accurately process a suspect’s DNA sample, in less than 90 minutes.
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Video Tip
Using the 'Z Lock' technique
Larry Smith discusses and demonstrates the 'Z Lock' technique. Watch the video
The BATT: APC Alternative On the Rise
The Armored Group's (TAG) revolutionary curved wall design was specifically engineered to fit fully geared officers so it could offer more room for TEMS personnel, allow easier, faster and safer entry/exit, and provide more standard tactically advantageous options than any other APC in the market.
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Model behavior
This week's photo of the week comes from Officer Lee Natelborg of the Highland, (Ind.) Police Department.
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