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Driver fined $500 in crash that killed cop; Video: Cops shoot, kill charging suspect

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 In Florida v. Harris, the sniff was up to snuff
 What does it really mean to be tough?
 Feb. 22, 2013
Dear PoliceOne Member,

In today's newsletter, we once again tackle the issue of arming teachers and administrators in schools. The column I wrote on the subject on the day of the attack in Newtown generated so much interest, I decided that it should be revisited in a point-counterpoint type of debate, undertaken by PoliceOne Columnist Val Van Brocklin and PoliceOne Special Contributor George Williams.

Now, I also want to hear from you. Send me an email with your arguments on whether teachers should be armed, and they may end up in another article on the subject in coming weeks.

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor In Chief
Featured News

2 officers killed by sniper awarded Medal of Valor

Video: Off duty Mo. cop saves woman who drove into Mississippi

2 San Diego officers wounded, suspect dead following standoff

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Dorner's mentor tipped off police before manhunt: Gut instinct told her that there was no coincidence
Inquest jury recommends charging 3 cops in suspect's death: Decided there was probable cause to believe a crime was committed
Trainee shot in head during training released from hospital: Doctors are surprised by his rapid progress
Video: Cops shoot, kill charging robbery suspect
Texas tightens rules on troopers' aerial shooting
Driver fined $500 in crash that killed NY officer
Police arrest man with 100 bags of heroin in rectum
Video: N.M. cop under fire for spitting at security guard
Utah trooper accused of making false DUI arrests
P1 Weekly Update

Father slams empty cruiser, K-9 court case, officer dies after pursuit

In this week's highlights, a car slammed an empty cruiser while going 100 mph, and a court case verified the use of K-9s as drug detection. Watch the video
Enforcement and the Law

In Florida v. Harris, the sniff was up to snuff

By Ken Wallentine, PoliceOne Columnist
The Supreme Court decision in Florida v. Harris reaffirms the value of detector dog teams as drug interdiction tools and gently reminds courts across the nation of the time-honored principles of probable cause to search. Looking ahead...
Strength is an Art
How do you train for maximum functional strength, getting a body that is more resilient to injuries? Art of Strength is the gamut of fitness training. Get all the tools you need to stay sharp on and off the job.
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The Ethical Warrior

What does it really mean to be tough?

By Jack Hoban, PoliceOne Columnist
It's reasonable to view increasingly-challenging training and practical experiences to be the route to toughness. But what does it mean to be tough? How do you know you'll be tough enough before the critical incident happens?
Dogs destroy police car
3 dogs take turns pulling apart the front end of a police cruiser.
Tokyo's mini stations
Small police departments are stationed around Tokyo to fit only a few people - this one resembles a police hat.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Teachers should be permitted to be armed

By George Williams, PoliceOne Contributor
History proves a firearm is fundamentally necessary to defeat an armed suspect. While nothing compels teachers to defend the children, some do so at the cost of their lives. If we cannot rely upon patrol officers to respond in time, what are the options?
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Video Tip
Positions of disadvantage: The guard
In this video tactical tip, noted Police and Corrections trainer Dan Severn discusses and demonstrates techniques used in the guard position. Watch the video
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    P1 Member Photo of the Week
    Lean with it
    This week's photo comes from Motor Officer Brad Withrow of the Mesa Arizona Police Department, which features Brad practicing inservice motor training and total control high speed cornering techniques.
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