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DNAscanAs equipment and personnel costs rise and budgets become tighter, police departments often turn to grants for additional funding. You can find funding resources for big-ticket items such as vehicles, bullet proof vests, in-car video recording systems, computers, all the way down to even the most basic of needs.

In the past, you may have overlooked the potential of using grants to buy modern in-station equipment that could dramatically improve the outcome of policing activities and increase public safety. Just as the implementation of radio dispatch was a vast improvement over street-side call boxes, today’s advances continue to provide police departments with indispensable resources.

DNAscan™ Rapid DNA Analysis™ System from GE Healthcare Life Sciences and NetBio is a good example of a modern high-tech instrument that you can use to process a suspect’s DNA sample during the booking process. It is a fully automated tabletop system
that you can use to process cheek swabs in less than 85 minutes.

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