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Game-changing motorcycle for patrol; Essential reference for patrol rifles

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October 2012
Featured Article
By Lindsey Bertomen
There is something to be said for being able to see over vehicles in a parking lot. Thanks to the Zero DS's tall riding position, this is easily done. With stealth, quick handling, regenerative braking and smooth acceleration, this could be a game-changer for patrol. Exceeds its gas counterparts
Product Article
By Dave Grossi
Remember those dry high school textbooks? "Tactical Urban Rifle" is nothing like that. This is a succinct, essential reference for patrol rifles (with photos!) that your squad needs. In this new age of active shooters you can't just wait for SWAT to arrive, so utilize what you take from this book to become more proficient with your weapon. "Must read"
Guest Commentary
By Madeleine Roe
Avoid common pitfalls when choosing your agency's software solution. Careful consideration and thinking ahead can lead to a valuable asset that will last your agency decades down the road. Avoid costly mistakes
V1 External Vest Carriers from Elbeco

Professional uniform look. Worn over uniform. Fits most ballistic carriers. Multiple colors, sizes and fabrics.

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Featured Product Info
Product Article
By Doug Wyllie
It may sound unfamiliar, but it's likely some of your daily Internet activities already involve cloud computing. LEOs will be particularly interested in the quick data sharing, evidence uploading and data management capabilities cloud computing allows. Secure accessibility
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