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How Ferguson police lost Twitter war; Pregnant cop told to work beat

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PoliceOne Member Newsletter
 How police lost the Twitter war in Ferguson
 5 reminders for police command post operations
 August 20, 2014
Dear PoliceOne Member,

A lot of attention has been paid to the ongoing chaos in Ferguson, and a number of folks have asked me to offer commentary on the matter. My reply has generally been, "What, precisely, might that comment be? I don't have boots on the ground in Ferguson."

That changed a couple days ago, when PoliceOne Columnist Joel Shults went there to speak with officers on the scene, and report back to PoliceOne what he's learning there. Today we carry two of his dispatches, plus, check out a video interview Chief Shults did with a local television network.

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor In Chief
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Frontlines in Ferguson

How outdated police media strategy lost the Twitter-verse in Ferguson

By Joel Shults, PoliceOne Columnist
By the time the police were able to use their pre-Twitter media relations protocol the storytelling battle was already lost. Welcome to the 21st century
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Frontlines in Ferguson

5 reminders for police command post operations following Ferguson

By Joel Shults, PoliceOne Columnist
Planning is critical to success in establishing a command post, so take a look around your world and consider your options. Have a "Plan B"
Mich. cop moonlights as comedian
Dwayne Gill's day job as a sergeant and liaison to the Legislature for the Michigan State Police overlaps beautifully with his nighttime gig as a stand-up comic.
Assessing the threat level of dogs
Dr. Sue Weaver of Tennessee State University advises on how to best assess a dog's threat level.
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Legal Issues

Cell phone tracking by police: 2 key court decisions explained

By Val Van Brocklin, PoliceOne Columnist
Some police leaders and policy makers wonder what cops are actually allowed and empowered to do with regard to cell phone tracking. Here, we clear up some of that confusion. What you should know
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Tactical Tip
Does your PD have a policy on 'tactical napping?'
By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Dr. Claudio Stampi says “sleep-deprived humans are better off snoozing like most animals — in brief, precisely timed naps” and has helped astronauts and long-haul truckers achieve maximum performance on minimal sleep. What about cops?
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