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Indestructible LIDAR; Officers push for better armor

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June Product Newsletter
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PoliceOneBy Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
There has been a decline in crime since the city of Tiburon, Calif. installed automated license plate readers (ALPRs) in strategic areas. Their effectiveness is subject to their integration in the overall investigative process. By combining the hard work of LEOs with key information from ALPRs, time will be saved identifying criminal subjects. Deterring deviants
Product Article
PoliceOneBy Lindsey Bertomen, PoliceOne Columnist
A low-key, easily programmable, GPS-capable watch assists with athletic activities or daily on-the-job tasks. A durable face, lightweight construction and PC/Mac synching capabilities make it easier than ever to track exercise regimens and fitness progress. Function and form
Product Article
PoliceOneBy Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Dropping Digital Ally's Laser Ally LIDAR on the concrete can't crack its rugged and waterproof body. The LIDAR syncs up with a thermal ticket printer and contains technology to defeat "jamming" devices for an all-in-one reliable patrol tool. Lock a target in rain or shine
Secure Voice Over IP Communication on Any Network

The CryptoPhone 450 gives you the flexibility to conduct secure voice over IP calls using either GSM, CDMA, 3G/UMTS, or wireless local area networks. This unmatched flexibility combined with secure messaging, a hardened operating system and encrypted storage for your confidential contacts, messages and notes provides you with 360-degree protection in a sleek, elegant package.

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 ESD America
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 Digital Ally  OfficerStore.com INTAPOL Industries, Inc.
Combined Handheld LIDAR & Convenient Removable Camera
Digital Ally
Badge Wallets/Holders
Police Motorcycle Boots
INTAPOL Industries, Inc.
 Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. Dell  Spillman Technologies, Inc.
HI-LITE Female Body Armor System
Point Blank Enterprises, Inc.
Latitude™ E6420 XFR
CAD Mapping
Spillman Technologies, Inc.
Send in Pointman® Before People

Ranked #1 in class for mobility and range according to NIST, Pointman is a lightweight, compact, tactical robot that provides reconnaissance and surveillance of structures, facilities, and vehicles from a safe distance. Its self-righting and stair climbing capabilities allow it to be dropped through a window or tossed through a door to conduct recon activities on multi-story structures. Its compact footprint is ideal for operating in confined spaces.

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 Applied Research Associates, Inc.
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3   PoliceOne
By Samuel White, PoliceOne Special Contributor
A new generation of multi-compliant body armor solutions are being delivered to the industry based on the critical needs of end users. Feedback driving innovation
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 New RFID Shielding Products from Strong
[Strong Leather Company]
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