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September 2009
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We're proud to bring you the inaugural issue of the PoliceOne Investigations eNews. We'll periodically transmit the latest news and information related to developments in investigation tools and techniques.

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Top 10 ways to botch an investigation
I spent almost half of my career in Investigations and what I don’t know about investigations could fill a football stadium. Among the things I do know are some "not-to-do's" — the kinds of things that can kill an investigation ... Full Article

Infant death investigations
Cops are, by nature and by action, protectors of children. Normally hardened officers are brought to tears when they see the evil that people are capable of inflicting on their own children ... Full Article

Five tips for successful criminal interrogation
Let the suspect ramble on at first and give you their false statement about their involvement in the crime. Lock them into a lie, then start to pick it apart piece by piece ... Full Tip



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