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Judge, officer tackle fleeing defendant; Trayvon Martin's mother opposes stop-frisk

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 Police militarization and the need for officer safety
 Plato's lesson on 'eating our young'
 August 19, 2013
Featured News

Off-duty officer killed in Vegas carjacking

Ceremonies honor Philly officers' sacrifices

Toronto cop charged in shooting death of teen

Today's Top Stories:
Iowa cop shot, escaped inmate sought: Man thought to be convicted burglar shot officer twice and stole his cruiser
Trayvon Martin's mother speaks out against stop-frisk: Said neither no one has right to stop someone because of race
Stolen wedding dress crisis averted thanks to 911 operator: 911 dispatcher lent woman her own wedding dress
Sheriff Joe opposes appointment of monitor
Facebook 'Likes' leads to surf riot suspect's arrest
Woman uses daughter as human shield from police
2 charged with posing as cops, robbing tourists in Fla.
NYPD faces prospect of 2 new watchdogs
Judge, Ill. officer tackle fleeing defendant
Blue Knights

Police militarization and the need for officer safety

By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
Police employ their Kevlar helmets, tactical vests, ballistic shields and armored vehicles when there is an identified heightened threat, not on regular patrol. What "militarized" isn't
The BATT: APC Alternative On the Rise
The Armored Group's (TAG) revolutionary curved wall design was specifically engineered to fit fully geared officers so it could offer more room for TEMS personnel, allow easier, faster and safer entry/exit, and provide more standard tactically advantageous options than any other APC in the market.
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The Warrior's Path

Rush to judgment: Plato's lesson on 'eating our young'

By Duane Wolfe, PoliceOne Columnist
Plato was the last man believed to possess all of the knowledge of the known world. His lesson about engaging in rumors, innuendo, and second guessing is one we in law enforcement would do well to heed. The choice is yours
Police rescue bridge jumper
NYPD ESU personnel rescue man before he jumps from a bridge.
Mesa explorer recruitment video
Mesa police give potential police explorers a look into what the program would be like.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
Force Science News

Force Science poll: How officers think they’d avoid blue-on-blue tragedies

If you are an LEO at a crime scene — out of uniform but with a gun in your hand — what could you do to protect yourself from a responding officer who might mistake you for a suspect? If you’ve actually been in such a face-off, how was it resolved? The predominant responses
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Recruiting Situation and Military Orders
This poster has found himself in a difficult recruiting situation — he's been accepted to both OCS to become a Marine Reserve Officer and to go to the Academy of his choice to become a police officer. Is there a way he can do both?
When Every Second Counts...
Automated staffing and notification solutions like Kronos TeleStaff enable public safety agencies to respond rapidly when disaster strikes - and operate more efficiently every day in between. To learn more download Kronos' free white paper on improving emergency management.
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Product News
NextLevel Training Brings Shooting Preparation to a New Level
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Mesa Arizona Deploys Mobile Identification Devices for Intelligence-led Policing
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