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LATEST: Ex-reservist kills 12 at Navy base; Video: Cops rescue kidnap victim

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 Stacking applies in non-tactical situations too
 A cop killer up for parole: LEOs send letters in protest
 September 16, 2013
Dear PoliceOne Member,

The heroes from DC Metro Police — as well as other agencies — who responded to the attack on Building 197 in the Washington Navy Yard are in our hearts and prayers. Your coordinated response very likely saved lives today. At least one MPD officer was shot in the leg while responding to the shooting — according to reports, doctors believe he will be OK. Our thoughts and prayers also are with the victims of the attack and their families.

Events are still unfolding, and in coming days we’ll know much more than we do at present, but some initial analysis of the day’s events is a worthwhile exercise. You can find our full coverage here.

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor In Chief
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Video: Texas cops rescue kidnap victim, arrest abductor: Teens noticed woman next to them looked scared
Video: Clerk fights off knife-wielding robber with shoe: Shopkeeper suffered cuts on his arm from would-be burglar
NC cop charged with manslaughter to appear in court: Police investigation showed shooting was excessive
2 bystanders wounded in Manhattan police shooting
Calif. police policy of killing animals at range under fire
NY K-9 makes heroin bust first day on duty
Mass. police to make calendar from bomber manhunt photos
Calif. cop shot with pellet gun spared gunman's life
Boy arrested for virtual mass shooting at high school
News Analysis:
What can we learn from the D.C. Navy Base attack?
 By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
It's clear that whether this was one shooter or more, whether this was a terrorist attack or an active shooter crime, the response was highly coordinated, multi-disciplinary, and oftentimes multi-jurisdictional. From afar, the response today was all of those things. In the nation’s capital, such coordination and rehearsed response would be expected. But elsewhere in the United States, things can be pretty fragmented.
10-43: Be Advised...

A cop killer up for parole: LEOs send letters in protest

By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Although Sidney Dean Porter was sentenced to life in prison for his brutal murder of Officer Frank Ward of the John Day (Ore.) Police Department, he has been given the opportunity to apply for parole. Here we go again
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The Warrior's Path

Stacking applies in non-tactical situations too

By Duane Wolfe, PoliceOne Columnist
The stacking concept is also a metaphor for what we need to do for each other on a daily basis. Are you willing to speak up when you see your partner headed into a dangerous situation? How do you stack up?
Police officer rescues kitten from garbage
Toronto police officers rescued a days-old kitten from a garbage can.
Protesters attack police defense wall
Footage of protesters clashing with police and tearing down road blocks as the anger over Cambodia's election results escalates.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
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