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Man who threatened cops holds 'idiot' sign; 'Save the Guns' law bars destroying firearms

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 Police militarization and the evolution of SWAT
 Personal stories of blue-on-blue survival
 September 3, 2013
Featured News

Ohio man who threatened police holds 'idiot' sign

Former cop's homeless son praised for helping officer under attack

Utah cop ambushed, killed, 2 wounded

Today's Top Stories:
Beloved Fla. police captain loses fight with cancer: Boyd Graham was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer in March
Launch nears for police social media site BlueLine: BlueLine lets officers share their expertise, insight and information
'Save The Gun' law bars NC cops from destroying guns: Requires agencies donate, keep or sell confiscated guns
Ill. police shoot lunging, knife-wielding man
'Operation Blue Wave' combats gangs in Minn.
College football player knocks out ND cop
Off-duty Chicago cop fatally shoots burglar
UK soldiers suspected of beating NY cop
Police: Marijuana grower killed by own booby trap
Firearms Corner

Police militarization and the evolution of SWAT

By Dick Fairburn, PoliceOne Columnist
Requiring a minimum police population of 100 officers to establish a SWAT team helps to keep standards high and overuse low. Incredible assets
Introducing the New Beretta Px4 Storm Pistol
The new Beretta Px4 Storm pistol is the most advanced expression of technological and aesthetic features in a semiautomatic sidearm. Built around a modular concept that a pistol can be adapted to different needs and modes of operations, without compromising on ergonomics and the renowned Beretta reliability and performance.
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Force Science News

Personal stories of blue-on-blue survival

By Chuck Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
Here is a sampling of survivors who shared their experiences in blue-on-blue encounters, voices of experience worth noting. Be conscious of how easily blue-on-blue confrontations can occur — and how easily even successes could have gone bad. The key to his safety
Top 5 police videos of August
In August, we saw everything from dancing DUI suspects to heroic rescues to bizarre suspect pursuits.
Police dance off
Police start an impromptu dance competition at the Notting Hill Carnival in West London.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
CELS -- Synchronized Lighting on Your Whole Vehicle
Coordinated Emergency Lighting System (CELS), new from Code 3 – vehicle lighting packages for the Ford PI Utility and Chevy Tahoe. CELS is a lighting control system for ALL of your vehicle emergency lights, allowing complete synchronization and control, similar to what you have on your lightbar. Available mid-September!
Experience complete control of your lighting!
Deadly force decisions and their aftermath
I have thought long and hard about this post, but I am going to share an intimately personal story about myself with you all. Three years ago I was involved in a fatal police shooting.
What is VIEVU²?
It is a feature-rich, small form factor wearable video camera. It is hands free, ruggedized, and waterproof. Best of all, it streams and stores real time video to your iPhone, Android, or to a WIFI network. Once they are on your phone, you can edit, and upload. No desktop computer required!
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