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Mexican chopper fires at border agents; Video: Couple attacks transit cop

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 SCOTUS & cellphones: 100 years in the making
 'Advanced' safety settings for Facebook
 June 27, 2014
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Cops TASER man seeking 'suicide by cop'

SC town rehires lesbian chief mayor fired

Video: NJ couple attacks transit cop on train

PoliceOne Exclusive

Reality Training: Bringing a vehicle to a gunfight

Dave Smith asks you to review this dash cam video, which introduces another dangerous weapon: an SUV. Watch the video
Law Enforcement and the Law

SCOTUS and cell phones: A decision 100 years in the making

By Ken Wallentine, PoliceOne Contributor
The search incident to arrest doctrine was first recognized by the Supreme Court exactly 100 years ago in Weeks v. United States. What are some of the takeaways of this case? Turn tech in your favor
Recycling Radio Batteries Has Never Been Easier
First responders use rechargeable batteries in mission-critical equipment such as two-way radios, cellphones, portable defibrillators and cordless power tools. Call2Recycle® is a no-cost program that provides you with an easy way to dispose of those used batteries and cellphones. Learn how you can make your community a more sustainable one.
Learn more
Social Media for Cops

8 'advanced' safety settings for cops on Facebook

By Lauri Stevens, PoliceOne Contributor
The more Facebook knows about you, the more valuable it is, so they don’t do much to make it easy to manage and protect your privacy — so, we offer the following simple steps you can take. Don't be shy
Cop buys elderly woman new ring after she's robbed in hospital bed
87-year-old patient was apparently the victim of theft when someone allegedly entered her hospital room and stole her diamond engagement ring.
Man from 'planet Zoltron' leaps on squad, smashes windshield
Dash cam video has been released of a bizarre incident Sunday of a man attacking a police cruiser.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

"I got shot in the face": How I survived and healed

By Steven Hough, PoliceOne Member
Friday, December 9th, 2011 started off with four of us planning to go out for dinner and ended with all four of us in a hospital. Everyone was shot that day, even though I was the only one to take a bullet.
What Can Situational Awareness Do For You?
Agencies across the nation are acquiring STING® - Next Gen Situational Awareness that changes the nature of information flow, and improves your ability to observe, orient, decide and act. Reduce radio traffic, automate information sharing, reduce report writing time and achieve simple interoperability, all with the STING® Tactical Suite.
Contact us today to see what STING® can do for you
Video Tip
Drills to defend against a straight punch
Diana Rathborne demonstrates some techniques to defend against a straight punch. Watch the video
The Argus F Type: The Toughest Member of Your Team
The Argus F Type thermal imaging camera is an incredibly rugged and versatile camera with unparalleled thermal imaging quality. The Argus F Type has proven success having aided many forces with drug interdiction operations, finding embedded electronic equipment and finding suspects and the evidence they have discarded trying to flee from the scene.
Find out more
P1 Member Photo of the Week
A safe return home
This week's photo of the week features Constable Carly Warner of the Sarnia Police Service in Canada.
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