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MHZ Update MHz UPDATE: August 2009
Mobility is "in the stars"
In Motion Technology, a mobile networking technology company based in Vancouver, Canada, announced that the St. Louis Area Regional Response System (STARRS) will use the company’s "onBoard Mobile Gateway" in its emergency response vehicles ... Full Article
Mobility Exclusive
Mobility feature
Inter-agency comms:
From PTT phones to P25 radios
Every day, police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, and other public safety professionals have to communicate mission-critical information — in some of the most demanding environments and challenging circumstances ... Full Article
Tie public schools and public safety together
Lorin Bristow, a partner at Galain Solutions, a firm that helps public safety organizations secure grant funding, says that police departments have a very good opportunity to secure money in the U.S. Department of Education allotment of the so-called "stimulus package" for the purchase of mobile data networking infrastructure ... Full Tip

Police using cell phones' silent data to nab criminals

Cell phone signal used to find suspect in Calif. killing

Outdated 911 call centers can't handle texting

Ill. first responders aim to keep lines of communication open during emergencies

Press Release: Communications Interoperability Software Grant Funding Available
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