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NY mayor urges police strike over gun control; Video: Traffic stop leads to firing

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 Deadly force: Intent versus indifference
 Get a gas mask — and then train
 July 25, 2012
Featured News

Bloomberg urges police strike over gun control

Bystanders tried to save Colo. cop from fatal crash

Video: Traffic stop leads to Ala. officer's firing

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Pa. officer kills man breaking into his home: A second burglar fled from the house, but was apprehended later Monday after driving off in the officer's car
Honolulu motorcycle officer killed in training: Chief: 'This is a time where we need to come together as a police department and support each other'
Teen dies, officer hurt in fall into Niagara Gorge
Man charged for refusing to leave NC jail
Legal, says court: Police seize phone, impersonate owner
Huge reforms required for New Orleans police
911 caller discovers NYPD police safe house
3 arrested in separate US 'Dark Knight' incidents
News Analysis:
Why officers won't do what Bloomberg suggests
 By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
The Mayor of New York has long been an anti-gun activist, and has chosen to use the dreadful tragedy in Aurora, Colo., to press his political agenda. His comments reveal a complete lack of comprehension about police officers and the profession of policing. Swore an oath
Taking Training to the Next Level

Deadly force: Intent versus indifference

By Ed Flosi, PoliceOne Columnist
If the suspect stops doing whatever it is that caused the officer to act with deadly force, what difference should it make to the officer if the suspect survives that shooting? Two schools of thought
When it Matters Most...
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Tragedy in Aurora

Supporting the officers of Aurora PD

By Barbara Schwartz, PoliceOne Contributor
Officers in Aurora, Colo., are living with the sacrifice of answering an active shooter call with multiple injuries. As the shock wears off, the reality of what happened will set in. Most officers will do fine. Others will need help.
Others will need help
Tense bridge standoff as NY man says he'll jump
A suicidal man clung to a bridge cable for four hours as rescuers tried to convince him to not jump.
World's wildest police videos: Paying in blood
When an officer pulls over a man for driving aggressively, the suspect doesn't reach for his ID, but his gun instead.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
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Tactical Tip
Get a gas mask — and then train
By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
After the recent shooting in Aurora, Colo., two problems presented themselves: a lot of cops don't have gas masks, and those that do don't get training with them.
We need to fix this
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