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Nanomaterial can stop speeding bullet; Man arrested for urinating on cruiser

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 Law Enforcement Museum
 Cops in massage parlors
 November 23, 2012
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DC on pace for fewer than 100 homicides in 2012

Video: Nanomaterial can stop a speeding bullet

Video: Man arrested for urinating on cruiser

Today's Top Stories:
House panel: Let courts decide Fast and Furious: The operation has been routinely reviewed by federal courts
2 of 4 terror suspects were new Islamic converts: Two converted to Islam less than two years ago
Officer fired over toddler urination ticket : Wrote a $2,500 ticket to the mother of a 3-year-old who urinated in the family's front yard
Suspect charged for shooting at Houston cop
Historical marker erected for cop killed in JFK shooting
Man says 'bomb watch' is a 'conversation piece'
'Carjacking victim' files false police report
Man charged in Toronto mass shooting
Man gets prison for Ohio bridge bomb plot
Criminals, Victims, and Cops

Law enforcement museum moves a step closer

By Karen L. Bune, PoliceOne Columnist
By the end of this year, construction drawings for a national law enforcement museum will be drafted and completed. It will be a place where people can learn about the public service provided by the nation’s law enforcement heroes. A learning experience
Free Socks with Bates Footwear Purchase!
Now through Monday, November 26, batesfootwear.com is offering a free pair of tactical socks with any footwear purchase. Shop today at www.batesfootwear.com.
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10-43: All Units...

Cops in massage parlors: A good career move?

By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
You are continually putting your muscles into prolonged, repeated, passive work, and over time you begin to do some real damage — damage that massage therapy can help to fix. Two kinds of work
Good Cop, Baby Cop
Comedian Will Ferrell stars in this throwback parody, with an adorable toddler who plays the 'bad cop' forcing him to sign a confession.
Suspect cries 'you have the wrong guy'
A suspect arrested for a murder committed two years ago claims he was sought based purely on rumors, and that he's innocent.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
Survival Insights

Is your life really balanced?

By Betsy Smith, PoliceOne Columnist
Reach out to your brothers and sisters in law enforcement and to your family and friends outside of the profession. Achieving balance in your life isn’t easy, but it’s extremely rewarding. Life outside the beat
ESS Offers 35% Off Everything for Black Friday
At ESS, our unyielding passion is to make the toughest eyewear in the world. Not because it’s our job, but because it’s our duty. A duty inspired by those we serve: military personnel, first responders, and other everyday heroes. Those who rely on ESS can’t settle for less, so we can’t either.
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Tactical Tip
Overhead knife defense from supine position
By Tim Graver
Logan Graver of Conditioned Response works with demonstration partner T.J. Perez to show edged weapons defense from an overhead attack when you’re in the precarious position of supine on the ground. Watch video
The IADLEST 2013 Conference
IADLEST is known for being the catalyst for law enforcement improvement and each year, the annual conference showcases this commitment by focusing on the most pressing issues for training managers and executives. The IADLEST Conference will be held in Portland, Oregon, June 2-5, 2013.
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
SWAT training
This week’s photo comes from Detective Cory Odell of Junction City Police Department in Kansas. This photo was snapped at a recent SWAT training event for the Junction City/Geary County SWAT Team.
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